A short history of Afila
Afila started its existence as a small network of independent small "green" companies with a few basic ideas. How to share experiences? How to deal with requests for efforts outside the core competence of one of us, Afila members? Or what to do if illness would interfere with work?

In 2005 Ruud Scheffer and Michèl Kockelkoren agreed that an informal network would do. This in contrast to a formalized legal structure with associated significant costs and limited benefits for the participants.
Discussions continued and some more interested persons running similar small companies got involved. Actually this brought together more than one pre-existing network.

The first name was
'het groene netwerk' ('the green network'), but that name was claimed by cooperating nature organizations.
In 2007 several potential members were linked, the first meetings were organized and the network got its name:
Afila, and its website www.afila.nl.

Membership of Afila is by co-optation. All members have a proven track record as entrepreneur working for multiple years in their own company.
Frans Meddens was the person who proposed the name Afila. He even handed some af/af peas to all of us to grow. Sadly, Frans passed away January 27th, 2012. Frans ran the small company Meddens Articulture b.v., focused on breeding.

A work visit to tomato world in 2009, with from left to right Mei Lie Tan, Jan Pen, Idy van Leeuwen, Frans Meddens, Aleid Dik.

In 2012 FytoFocus, the company of Rob Baas, ceased its activities. This also ended Fytofocus' membership of Afila.